Nepalgunj Nursing Campus- At a Glance

Nepalgunj Nursing Campus was established to develop self reliant and devoted Nurses to cater the modem health care system that is scare in the national level. Nepalgunj Nursing campus was established in the year 2000 since then 13th batch have been enrolled in our campus. The campus is affiliated to CTEVT (Council for technical education and vocational training) and permanently recognized by Nepal nursing council. The faculties of the campus are experienced teacher and professionals from Nepal and India. They use different methods of teaching in imparting theoretical knowledge as well as empower the students with adequate clinical skills. Read More
Special emphasis shall be laid to inculcate the habit and motivate the students to adopt the principle's of Nursing care to the sick people of all ages irrespective of their cast, creed, sex and economic status. The program provides the opportunity of the students to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to nursing and professionalism in nursing management and education, general nursing care of mother and child including primitive health care and research.
Nepalgunj Nursing Campus- Kohalpur intends to develop nursing educational programs of international standard from basic to highest level so that the human resources developed  in the institution here are capable of meeting the need of nursing services, education and research at nay environment of rural or Urban situation.
  • provide advanced knowledge & practical skill in Nursing Science, Covering Primary health
  • care for Nursing graduated
  • Established and operate Nepalgunj Nursing Campus & continue on going educational programs
  • with the aim of providing quality health care services and also developing human resource of highest quality, particularly in nursing fields in order to meet the national & international need.

Class Schedule

Sunday - Friday

10:00 am - 4:30 pm



Message From Principal

  • Its my privilege to pen down my thoughts regarding our esteemed institution. With the overall team efforts of the teaching staffs and non -teaching staffs, I can see the Nepalgunj Nursing Campus in great heights. We, at Nepalgunj Nursing Campus are pre equipped with excellent infrastructure, innovative methods of teaching and experienced faculty with vision and proficiency in their fields to go on board this knowledge revolution.